Why These YouTubers Deserve Your Views

When most people think of YouTube, they think of funny animal videos, clips from movies and T.V. shows and news stories.  However, there is a much more creative and original side of YouTube; one that rarely gets in the spotlight because their work goes against how YouTube wants to project itself to people as a version of Netflix.  These are the creative people on YouTube, from animators to movie critics, theorists to song writers; they are the few that do time intensive work and push out meaningful content that takes time, unlike the other channels on YouTube.  Animating on YouTube is quite a challenge, because your subscribers have to be patient enough to know that new content takes a while to come out, and to not get frustrated and unsubscribe because you get impatient because of the lack of new things to watch.  Some animators do it by hand by tablet or computer, while others go ahead and use programs and 3-D models in their videos.

the_last_glimmer_of_sunset_by_argodaemon-da6ef4k[1]A good example of a hard working 3-D animation channel is Argodaemon; who makes seamless and detailed animations by using advanced models from Source Film Maker; an animating program for 3-D animators.  Some of my favorite videos of his are Remembrance and Shoot to Thrill.

maxresdefault[1]Another good 3-D animator is XboxgamerK or Katrina.  She also uses Source Film Maker in her videos and has many unique lighting effects and good movement in her animations.  She also uses really good songs that pair perfect with her animating that make every part of the video great.  I love a lot of her videos and she improves her skills with every video, so you can really see her progress.  Her I Can’t Fix You video and One Final Show collaborations she did with her boyfriend are really well done, along with the pieces that she’s done by herself like Murder! Original Rap animation and the Rainbow Slush animation series is really great.

part_14_preview_by_tonycrynight-daxnd6u[1]There are also 2-D animators on YouTube like Tony Crynight; who just got One-Million Subscribers is doing an incredible animation series that has fluid movements and great drawings.

Another channel who does absolutely beautiful work is Duo Cartoonist; a married couple from Canada that can pull off 2-D animation that even looks like Disney did it. The Moon Rises and Children of the Night are their best works; and has earned them over 40 million views.Capture[1]

Cinema Sins is a rather popular YouTube channel that has been making fun of movies; especially Disney ones for a long time.  They point out everything from mistakes to convenient characters and unrealistic situations.  Warning; there is swearing in the videos but it is bleeped out and prepare yourself for a dosage of dry humor.  Some of my personal favorites are the one he did on Avatar (the James Cameron One), Finding Nemo, Jurassic Park, and The Lego Movie; but his best ones are when he sins a Disney movie.