Simply Explained : Doctor Who

Author’s Note: Doctor Who is a show produced and owned by BBC so all rights and trademarks go to them.  I don’t own the show, they do.  Doctor Who is a show that I love, and breaking it down usually helps people understand it more, and the show is such a brilliant concept, so I decided to do a blog on it!  Enjoy!

The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.  He has two hearts and is over a thousand years old.  The Time Lords were a species that had multiple lives or regenerations (like in a video game)  Each time a Time Lord would die, they would come back as a different person; with a completely new personality, sense of style, and physical appearance.  However, the person would still carry on the same mission or purpose that it had before, but it would react and act differently than its past selves.  The Time Lords swore to only watch and not interfere with the affairs of other planets, because they had the power to control and travel through time and space.  All Time Lords are born with two hearts, and an advanced respiratory system, with a heart on the right side and a heart on the left side of the chest   The Time Lords greatest enemy was the Daleks; a race of aliens that encased themselves in metal armor and were set out to kill anything in the universe that wasn’t a Dalek. The Time Lords set put to stop the Daleks; because they were their greatest enemy. However, the Time Lords got very involved in this war, and it destroyed their kind along with species of other planets that got in the way.

The Doctor fought in the Great Time War, but eventually realized how destructive his own kind was being, and he tried reasoning with them about the war.  His fellow Time Lords wouldn’t listen and in order to keep the rest of the universe safe from the destruction of the Daleks and the Time Lords, he destroyed Gallifrey with a very heavy heart.  The Doctor is now the last member of his kind, and he will be very lonely throughout the rest of his lives.

So, the Doctor steals the T.A.R.D.I.S







The T.A.R.D.I.S is a time machine and a spaceship!  All in one.  He stole the TARDIS from a museum, and has been flying it for 700 plus years.  The TARDIS is a living and intelligent ship that takes the Doctor where he needs to go…  The TARDIS is very much alive and can feel pain, and has a deep friendship with the Doctor, as well as being able to exist across all of time and space, while the Doctor talks, travels around and solves problems.  The TARDIS isn’t able to directly speak to the Doctor, despite how much she cares for him. She takes him where he needs to go where he wants to go, so basically and point or place in time or space that has an extraterrestrial problem that needs solving.  The TARDIS has a soul, a matrix, and a telepathic system so the Doctor can see into one of his companion’s minds in case if there is a problem or threat.    The TARDIS is broken, its supposed to disguise itself as anything, like a statue if it landed in Greece, but because its broken, its stuck as a 50’s British Blue Police Box.  (The Doctor can fix this, he just doesn’t want to.  He also lands the TARDIS with the brakes on)  The TARDIS is bigger on the inside; like all Time Lord technology, so along with the console room, there is a swimming pool, a massive library, and rooms for him and the people he travels with…  Which leads me to companions.

(No, they aren’t dogs!)  The Doctor travels with people (usually women) that he meets by accident.  After they encounter him, they often have questions, and once they find out what he is and what he does, they come and travel with him.  They go on adventures and explore the universe, seeing everything from distant planets to exotic species and historical events.  It’s a lot of fun for them, the possibilities are endless on where they can go.  All of his companions end up being his close friends, but because they’re human, they don’t last forever, and eventually their adventures tear them apart or kill them because being with a man who can die and live again means that he’ll always end up outliving them, and their adventures can get quite dangerous.

This was a very rough summary of the general basis of Doctor Who, and I’ll explain the modern Doctors (9-11, not 12 because I haven’t seen his episodes yet) and their quotes, personalities, companions, and much more!  See you next time!