Why We Needed Planet Earth II (For Earth Day)

maxresdefault[2]Planet Earth II came out recently, it is over now but the second series was incredible and I loved it.  It had even better ways of filming the animals since the first one, and even filmed big cats in this super cool night vision camera.  Planet Earth II was rather depressing though, with lots of footage showing the effects of Global Warming and the impact that we have on the creatures of this Earth.  11992373-high_res-planet-earth-ii[1]The most depressing scene had to be of these baby sea turtles trying to make it to the beach after they had hatched.  Instead of following the light of the moon to guide them, they got distracted by the light of a beach resort instead.  So, since the man made light was brighter, the turtles headed towards the streets and away from the sand, and as they went away from the water, crabs were waiting for them, knowing they would be there.

So, as you can imagine the baby turtles were getting picked off by the crabs, which is already heart breaking.  But, some of them make it to the street and there were cars now, so you can probably guess where this was headed.  So, as some of the turtles got run over, others fell into the storm drains, destined to die.  Screen-Shot-2016-12-12-at-10.29.24[1]All thanks to us.  Thankfully, although this wasn’t filmed, the BBC filmers and crew did rescue the turtles.  But, if no one was filming these turtles, they would’ve died.  So, Planet Earth II really did show just how much we affect our world and everything that lives on it.  Planet Earth II didn’t sugar coat nature, it showed it as it is, and how we’re screwing it up without actually pointing it out in the series.  And, with people saying that global warming is something China made up, BBC chose no better time to put Planet Earth II out to the world.