What Would You Do?

Author’s Note: This is a short story involving one of my original characters.  She has been captured by a secret organization and she has supernatural powers.  She has been trapped in this place for a long time and she is weighing her options.

Talk.  Things will be so much easier if you talk.  So why don’t you?  You’re obviously different.  We just want to know how, exactly.

If I talk, I will expose my kind.  How could I explain to you that we were here even before you?

There is no escape, no exit no way out.  I haven’t eaten or drunk anything for so long now…  I am a mere ghost of myself now, and I can’t stand it.  There is no where for me to go, just white walls…  All white walls.

If I was brave enough, I’d do it, but no matter all of the reasons that I think are ones that show why I should leave this place, there is always one good reason that whispers to me and convinces me to stay.

No one is coming to rescue me.  I am alone.  I can feel the bullet they put through my head.  That should’ve killed me, but I’m a self-healer.  Instead it will just the excruciating pain of me not dying as I endure this agony until it heals and they put a new bullet in me.

I am alone.

Where are my friends, my allies, my mates, my partners, my mentors?

Where are you all?

Did you forget about me?

I highly doubt you did, I just wish there was someone to talk to.

I am alone.

I hate being alone.

I saved you all, you humans, so why do you hate me?

Why do you torture me?  Why do you fear me?  Why do you want to dissect me?

Angel, Devil, Alien, Angel, Devil, Alien, God, Angel, Devil, Alien, God, Morphixean.

I am a Morphixean.  But I will never tell you that.  Ever.

And now I have a choice to make.

What would you do?