My Thoughts on Seaworld and Captivity

357717621_c1270f6df2_zI first visited Seaworld when I was seven or eight years old.  This was in the year 2009, and the Believe show was in full swing.  I went to Seaworld San Diego to clarify.  I never went to Seaworld Orlando or Seaworld San Antonio.  I was instantly hooked.  I loved marine life, orcas were my favorite animals, I had Seaworld baby books and countless books on whales and dolphins and I wanted to be a Seaworld trainer or a marine biologist when I grew up.  I never thought about where the orcas came from, and I never knew how small their tank is compared to what they’d do in the wild.  My whale books told me how intelligent dolphins and orcas are, and that they could almost be as smart as we were.

I recently watched a video of the 2009 Believe show at San Diego with the trainers in the water.  The video brought back a lot of memories of my childhood.  I remember being really excited for the show after seeing the underwater viewing area.  I really wanted to be the kid they picked from the audience to meet Shamu.  224240314_e5172a8b87_zThe music, waterworks, and everything else just made the show really magical for me.  I instantly wanted to become a Shamu trainer.  I was hooked.  I also really liked the rapids ride, the Arctic exhibit (with the penguins and helicopter ride)  it was just an incredible experience for me.

The second time I went to Seaworld was when the One Ocean show was going on.  The magic seemed to have faded a bit.  The trainers were no longer in the water with the dolphins (yes, orcas or killer whales are dolphins)  My mom whispered to my aunt, “Look, they just stand there now.”  That was the last time I went to Seaworld.  I will never go back now.452215897_a9c15fe0ab_z

I knew about Blackfish but I never saw it until this year.  After I saw it, I was disgusted with Seaworld, the place responsible for some of my best childhood memories.  How dare they?  And why was I so blind?  Okay, I was a kid, but still.  Why didn’t I think where they got the orcas from?  How were they allowed to operate like that?  I also found videos of other abuse that Seaworld had done too.  All I can say is that I hope Seaworld shuts down soon for the good of the orcas.  They deserve to be in the wild in sanctuaries.  Not in a concrete pool.


Curiosity About the World and Humanity

I have sometimes wondered about the world and why it can be such an awful place.  I wonder this because I’ve seen videos of animal cruelty that is so sickening and horrific and I don’t understand why.  Why do we as humans do these things?  Do we take our anger out on them?


Photo by Josh Hallett taken in 2007. CC By 4.0

Why would we put something that travels thousands of miles everyday in a tiny tank that is just as intelligent as we are?  Why do we think that this is okay?  Why does the food industry keep animals in small cages that are so tiny that they can’t turn around?  Why does the suppliers of Pet Smart and Pet Co. commit acts of animal cruelty when pets are sent back unwanted from the stores?  Why do we not shut down these places?  Why do we still eat the food that died a painful death to feed us?


I know that not all people are mean to animals and mistreat them.  There are many people out there in the world who work their whole lives for animals.  That’s why we have movies like Black Fish and Food Inc. and why we have organizations like PETA and the ASPCA and the Humane Society.  These organizations are very brave and even stand in front of moving trucks in protest of animal slaughter.  These brave people stop the trucks and take photos of the frightened animals right before slaughter and also give them cold water, which is something that isn’t available for them on the trucks.  To the pigs, those people were heroes.  pigs-slaughterhouse-1024x734[1]These people and organizations are often called whistle blowers, because they draw attention to issues with videos, photos, and sound clips.  You can say that PETA is a horrible organization or that you don’t like them, but they sure put the truth out there.

I also know that it would be really hard to get people to stop eating steak, pork, chicken, lamb, and fish because people like those foods and so do I.  I plan on going vegetarian in college and slowly transferring over to vegan as I get used to it because even the dairy and egg industry is cruel to animals.  I also know that it would be hard to stop people from eating products that contain dairy and eggs.  Food is just too big of a part in our lives for everyone in the world to make that drastic of a change in their diet, but at least I can do my part and others out there do too.d6dcfb3ea37317e1c23f877be4a4a5b7[1]

I can’t figure out how companies avoid the blame and cameras for these sorts of things though.  Sea World has been making up the stupidest excuses I’ve ever heard as to why they can’t put the remaining orcas in captivity in sea side sanctuaries where they can be in the ocean again and people can still see them in a much larger enclosure.  situationreversed-460x304[1]Blackfish clearly showed how these magnificent creatures act differently in captivity than how they do in the wild. Did you know that orcas don’t attack people in the wild, and they don’t try to drown them? Go figure that at Sea World, the whales do try to do that, and we all know who succeeded. Tillikum.  Tillikum is dead now, and his death shouldn’t be in vain.  Yes, Dawn was a great person and it very sad how she died, but Tillikum was a victim too.  No one can deny that after seeing Blackfish.  Let’s not let him die in vain.

Even so, I will always stand up for those without a voice. Always. The animals of this planet do not need to be pushed aside or killed or enslaved for our needs. How dare we eat the, put them on display, make them do tricks for us?! How dare we?! That is why I will always stand up for animals no matter what. Always. And you can too.e25804f57094f8f72a82d1a907a0210e[1]

Why We Needed Planet Earth II (For Earth Day)

maxresdefault[2]Planet Earth II came out recently, it is over now but the second series was incredible and I loved it.  It had even better ways of filming the animals since the first one, and even filmed big cats in this super cool night vision camera.  Planet Earth II was rather depressing though, with lots of footage showing the effects of Global Warming and the impact that we have on the creatures of this Earth.  11992373-high_res-planet-earth-ii[1]The most depressing scene had to be of these baby sea turtles trying to make it to the beach after they had hatched.  Instead of following the light of the moon to guide them, they got distracted by the light of a beach resort instead.  So, since the man made light was brighter, the turtles headed towards the streets and away from the sand, and as they went away from the water, crabs were waiting for them, knowing they would be there.

So, as you can imagine the baby turtles were getting picked off by the crabs, which is already heart breaking.  But, some of them make it to the street and there were cars now, so you can probably guess where this was headed.  So, as some of the turtles got run over, others fell into the storm drains, destined to die.  Screen-Shot-2016-12-12-at-10.29.24[1]All thanks to us.  Thankfully, although this wasn’t filmed, the BBC filmers and crew did rescue the turtles.  But, if no one was filming these turtles, they would’ve died.  So, Planet Earth II really did show just how much we affect our world and everything that lives on it.  Planet Earth II didn’t sugar coat nature, it showed it as it is, and how we’re screwing it up without actually pointing it out in the series.  And, with people saying that global warming is something China made up, BBC chose no better time to put Planet Earth II out to the world.

What Would You Do?

Author’s Note: This is a short story involving one of my original characters.  She has been captured by a secret organization and she has supernatural powers.  She has been trapped in this place for a long time and she is weighing her options.

Talk.  Things will be so much easier if you talk.  So why don’t you?  You’re obviously different.  We just want to know how, exactly.

If I talk, I will expose my kind.  How could I explain to you that we were here even before you?

There is no escape, no exit no way out.  I haven’t eaten or drunk anything for so long now…  I am a mere ghost of myself now, and I can’t stand it.  There is no where for me to go, just white walls…  All white walls.

If I was brave enough, I’d do it, but no matter all of the reasons that I think are ones that show why I should leave this place, there is always one good reason that whispers to me and convinces me to stay.

No one is coming to rescue me.  I am alone.  I can feel the bullet they put through my head.  That should’ve killed me, but I’m a self-healer.  Instead it will just the excruciating pain of me not dying as I endure this agony until it heals and they put a new bullet in me.

I am alone.

Where are my friends, my allies, my mates, my partners, my mentors?

Where are you all?

Did you forget about me?

I highly doubt you did, I just wish there was someone to talk to.

I am alone.

I hate being alone.

I saved you all, you humans, so why do you hate me?

Why do you torture me?  Why do you fear me?  Why do you want to dissect me?

Angel, Devil, Alien, Angel, Devil, Alien, God, Angel, Devil, Alien, God, Morphixean.

I am a Morphixean.  But I will never tell you that.  Ever.

And now I have a choice to make.

What would you do?


Why These YouTubers Deserve Your Views

When most people think of YouTube, they think of funny animal videos, clips from movies and T.V. shows and news stories.  However, there is a much more creative and original side of YouTube; one that rarely gets in the spotlight because their work goes against how YouTube wants to project itself to people as a version of Netflix.  These are the creative people on YouTube, from animators to movie critics, theorists to song writers; they are the few that do time intensive work and push out meaningful content that takes time, unlike the other channels on YouTube.  Animating on YouTube is quite a challenge, because your subscribers have to be patient enough to know that new content takes a while to come out, and to not get frustrated and unsubscribe because you get impatient because of the lack of new things to watch.  Some animators do it by hand by tablet or computer, while others go ahead and use programs and 3-D models in their videos.

the_last_glimmer_of_sunset_by_argodaemon-da6ef4k[1]A good example of a hard working 3-D animation channel is Argodaemon; who makes seamless and detailed animations by using advanced models from Source Film Maker; an animating program for 3-D animators.  Some of my favorite videos of his are Remembrance and Shoot to Thrill.

maxresdefault[1]Another good 3-D animator is XboxgamerK or Katrina.  She also uses Source Film Maker in her videos and has many unique lighting effects and good movement in her animations.  She also uses really good songs that pair perfect with her animating that make every part of the video great.  I love a lot of her videos and she improves her skills with every video, so you can really see her progress.  Her I Can’t Fix You video and One Final Show collaborations she did with her boyfriend are really well done, along with the pieces that she’s done by herself like Murder! Original Rap animation and the Rainbow Slush animation series is really great.

part_14_preview_by_tonycrynight-daxnd6u[1]There are also 2-D animators on YouTube like Tony Crynight; who just got One-Million Subscribers is doing an incredible animation series that has fluid movements and great drawings.

Another channel who does absolutely beautiful work is Duo Cartoonist; a married couple from Canada that can pull off 2-D animation that even looks like Disney did it. The Moon Rises and Children of the Night are their best works; and has earned them over 40 million views.Capture[1]

Cinema Sins is a rather popular YouTube channel that has been making fun of movies; especially Disney ones for a long time.  They point out everything from mistakes to convenient characters and unrealistic situations.  Warning; there is swearing in the videos but it is bleeped out and prepare yourself for a dosage of dry humor.  Some of my personal favorites are the one he did on Avatar (the James Cameron One), Finding Nemo, Jurassic Park, and The Lego Movie; but his best ones are when he sins a Disney movie.


Simply Explained : Doctor Who

Author’s Note: Doctor Who is a show produced and owned by BBC so all rights and trademarks go to them.  I don’t own the show, they do.  Doctor Who is a show that I love, and breaking it down usually helps people understand it more, and the show is such a brilliant concept, so I decided to do a blog on it!  Enjoy!

The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.  He has two hearts and is over a thousand years old.  The Time Lords were a species that had multiple lives or regenerations (like in a video game)  Each time a Time Lord would die, they would come back as a different person; with a completely new personality, sense of style, and physical appearance.  However, the person would still carry on the same mission or purpose that it had before, but it would react and act differently than its past selves.  The Time Lords swore to only watch and not interfere with the affairs of other planets, because they had the power to control and travel through time and space.  All Time Lords are born with two hearts, and an advanced respiratory system, with a heart on the right side and a heart on the left side of the chest   The Time Lords greatest enemy was the Daleks; a race of aliens that encased themselves in metal armor and were set out to kill anything in the universe that wasn’t a Dalek. The Time Lords set put to stop the Daleks; because they were their greatest enemy. However, the Time Lords got very involved in this war, and it destroyed their kind along with species of other planets that got in the way.

The Doctor fought in the Great Time War, but eventually realized how destructive his own kind was being, and he tried reasoning with them about the war.  His fellow Time Lords wouldn’t listen and in order to keep the rest of the universe safe from the destruction of the Daleks and the Time Lords, he destroyed Gallifrey with a very heavy heart.  The Doctor is now the last member of his kind, and he will be very lonely throughout the rest of his lives.

So, the Doctor steals the T.A.R.D.I.S







The T.A.R.D.I.S is a time machine and a spaceship!  All in one.  He stole the TARDIS from a museum, and has been flying it for 700 plus years.  The TARDIS is a living and intelligent ship that takes the Doctor where he needs to go…  The TARDIS is very much alive and can feel pain, and has a deep friendship with the Doctor, as well as being able to exist across all of time and space, while the Doctor talks, travels around and solves problems.  The TARDIS isn’t able to directly speak to the Doctor, despite how much she cares for him. She takes him where he needs to go where he wants to go, so basically and point or place in time or space that has an extraterrestrial problem that needs solving.  The TARDIS has a soul, a matrix, and a telepathic system so the Doctor can see into one of his companion’s minds in case if there is a problem or threat.    The TARDIS is broken, its supposed to disguise itself as anything, like a statue if it landed in Greece, but because its broken, its stuck as a 50’s British Blue Police Box.  (The Doctor can fix this, he just doesn’t want to.  He also lands the TARDIS with the brakes on)  The TARDIS is bigger on the inside; like all Time Lord technology, so along with the console room, there is a swimming pool, a massive library, and rooms for him and the people he travels with…  Which leads me to companions.

(No, they aren’t dogs!)  The Doctor travels with people (usually women) that he meets by accident.  After they encounter him, they often have questions, and once they find out what he is and what he does, they come and travel with him.  They go on adventures and explore the universe, seeing everything from distant planets to exotic species and historical events.  It’s a lot of fun for them, the possibilities are endless on where they can go.  All of his companions end up being his close friends, but because they’re human, they don’t last forever, and eventually their adventures tear them apart or kill them because being with a man who can die and live again means that he’ll always end up outliving them, and their adventures can get quite dangerous.

This was a very rough summary of the general basis of Doctor Who, and I’ll explain the modern Doctors (9-11, not 12 because I haven’t seen his episodes yet) and their quotes, personalities, companions, and much more!  See you next time!

In the Pouring Rain

Author’s note, this is a short story based off of a kernel structure that can help you come up with ideas for writing.  The one I chose was called a colorized memory, and yes, this is fiction, not real life, but it relates to me and everyone else in the world so I hope you enjoy!  Here’s the Kernel Structure in case anyone is interested.  

A Colorized Memory

1.) Where you were (dramatized) 2.) Moment it started (dramatized) 3.) Next moment (dramatized) 4.) The final moment (dramatized) 5.) What you thought

In the Pouring Rain

Everything was wet, including me.  It just didn’t rain today, it poured, as if someone had turn on a giant shower and set it to full blast.  I was walking home, like I always do, but something was different, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I noticed a girl walking next to me who was just as equally soaked, despite having an umbrella.  infoami1She has a pixie cut died a royal blue and she seemed to be wearing a uniform.  It was a white blouse with a big red bow attached and a long swirling blue skirt to match with white socks and black shoes.  She turned around to look at me and smiled at me in a sad way.

Then, suddenly she leaped into the air with her umbrella, and started to dance.  She arched her arms with each leap, and the umbrella followed the movement in the most beautiful way possible.  Every time she leaped into the air she seemed to go farther up, like she was trying to fly and for whatever reason, she couldn’t.63601129587392629858487416_broken_wing1  She was very graceful, like a ballerina but even more captivating.

She started to spin, whirling around faster and faster, her blue eyes open to the water droplets that seemed to fall in slow motion, and suddenly she collapsed.  She kneeled down onto the concrete, and started weeping into the pouring rain that trickled down her face and cleared away her tears that refused to stop.  sailor_moon___power_of_the_moon_by_firikururugi-d6cimaf15041407926_4b96004d3f_zHer shoulders shook hard, and her hands held onto a picture that became soggy and limp from the rain.  She stayed there on the ground until a scream burst from her throat that was projected into the sky so it could know her pain and agony. 

She then bowed her head toward the ground, gasping for breath.  I wanted to help her, but something stopped me.  She was fading, the vibrant color in her hair was gone, and slowly she began to fade more and more until she just became a fuzzy outline in the rain.  It started hailing now, and I ducked down to try to get away from it, and as I did, the girl dissolved into water and went with rain, hail and wind.

I didn’t exactly know what to think, and for a moment I thought that she wasn’t there.  But, then I noticed the disintegrating photo and the umbrella laying upside down next to it.

Photo by Ian D. Keating taken in 2015. CC By 4.0

I thought that the girl obviously went through something terrible, and I thought of how long she must have kept that pain inside of her until it finally just came out through dance, tears, and a scream.  I wished that I had asked for her name, or knew something about her, and above all, I wish that I could’ve been there for her and helped her through whatever that was that made her so sad and angry….


The End.