In the Pouring Rain

Author’s note, this is a short story based off of a kernel structure that can help you come up with ideas for writing.  The one I chose was called a colorized memory, and yes, this is fiction, not real life, but it relates to me and everyone else in the world so I hope you enjoy!  Here’s the Kernel Structure in case anyone is interested.  

A Colorized Memory

1.) Where you were (dramatized) 2.) Moment it started (dramatized) 3.) Next moment (dramatized) 4.) The final moment (dramatized) 5.) What you thought

In the Pouring Rain

Everything was wet, including me.  It just didn’t rain today, it poured, as if someone had turn on a giant shower and set it to full blast.  I was walking home, like I always do, but something was different, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I noticed a girl walking next to me who was just as equally soaked, despite having an umbrella.  infoami1She has a pixie cut died a royal blue and she seemed to be wearing a uniform.  It was a white blouse with a big red bow attached and a long swirling blue skirt to match with white socks and black shoes.  She turned around to look at me and smiled at me in a sad way.

Then, suddenly she leaped into the air with her umbrella, and started to dance.  She arched her arms with each leap, and the umbrella followed the movement in the most beautiful way possible.  Every time she leaped into the air she seemed to go farther up, like she was trying to fly and for whatever reason, she couldn’t.63601129587392629858487416_broken_wing1  She was very graceful, like a ballerina but even more captivating.

She started to spin, whirling around faster and faster, her blue eyes open to the water droplets that seemed to fall in slow motion, and suddenly she collapsed.  She kneeled down onto the concrete, and started weeping into the pouring rain that trickled down her face and cleared away her tears that refused to stop.  sailor_moon___power_of_the_moon_by_firikururugi-d6cimaf15041407926_4b96004d3f_zHer shoulders shook hard, and her hands held onto a picture that became soggy and limp from the rain.  She stayed there on the ground until a scream burst from her throat that was projected into the sky so it could know her pain and agony. 

She then bowed her head toward the ground, gasping for breath.  I wanted to help her, but something stopped me.  She was fading, the vibrant color in her hair was gone, and slowly she began to fade more and more until she just became a fuzzy outline in the rain.  It started hailing now, and I ducked down to try to get away from it, and as I did, the girl dissolved into water and went with rain, hail and wind.

I didn’t exactly know what to think, and for a moment I thought that she wasn’t there.  But, then I noticed the disintegrating photo and the umbrella laying upside down next to it.

Photo by Ian D. Keating taken in 2015. CC By 4.0

I thought that the girl obviously went through something terrible, and I thought of how long she must have kept that pain inside of her until it finally just came out through dance, tears, and a scream.  I wished that I had asked for her name, or knew something about her, and above all, I wish that I could’ve been there for her and helped her through whatever that was that made her so sad and angry….


The End.



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