3 Years Later

I met you at the start of 6th grade.

I remembered you-we did gymnastics together when we were little

We liked the same books, we both liked cats

Three years later you don’t even acknowledge me

What happened?

I went to homework club with you

I met your friends-they became my friends

We did everything together

I look at your friend’s phone, but she’s not your friend anymore

Three years later you celebrate your friend’s birthday-on social media saying you two did everything together and you’ve been friends for so long.  Didn’t I used to say that about you?

I went over to your house in the pouring rain

We laughed, we talked

I was there to cheer you on as you cheered onstage

Now, I wouldn’t cheer for you

Three years later, weren’t you the one who left me?

At your birthday party with our friends

Opening gifts and squealing with joy

I was so happy to be your friend

Your former friend by my side, she doesn’t know why this has happened

Three years later you broke her heart, didn’t you?

At Halloween together dressed as a lady bug and Maleficent

At our eighth grade dance smiling for the camera

At your birthday, watching your reaction to the gift I gave you

In the same math class, just starting high school

Three years later, why won’t you say hello?

All those memories, now turned bitter

The photos that make me want to cry

You can’t go to my birthday party-you’re already hanging out with someone else.

Was she turning fifteen?

I see you at the football game-we briefly talk, but I know that something has changed

Why weren’t you happy to see me?

Your friend claiming that I was too loud at your party, you know that I get excited

Was that a reason to cut our friendship?

Because to me it isn’t one

Three years later, I meet your eyes, and you glance down suddenly

What was that for?

Was it your parents?

Your ego?

You wanting to be popular?

You becoming a cheerleader?

I want to ask, but I’m scared.


Us in a group in math, you don’t even acknowledge me.  I am invisible to you.


Because I didn’t do something wrong

You did

Three years ago we were just starting on a beautiful friendship that would last us through middle school.

Three years later, I am invisible to you and you cut all of your ties

And all I can ask is why.




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