Character List


Bruce: Frederick’s right hand man and best friend.  Bruce is very loyal and would do anything for Frederick, and he is very close to Charlotte.  Bruce also gets along with Robert and is also close to Lloyd and Mark.  He loves to play the electrical guitar and sing.

Charlotte:  Bruce’s friend (or girlfriend,) is close friends with Frederick, Lloyd, and Mark and Robert.  She loves to bake and try out new recipes for her cookbook and sing with her friends.

Frederick:  The leader of the group.  He will do anything for his family/friends and will always protect them.  Frederick’s twin brother is Lloyd, and they share a very close relationship.  Frederick is also very close to Mark, and respects his powers and abilities.  He likes to sing the most and write new music.

Robert:  One of Bruce’s closest friends, and he is the only person that can challenge Frederick’s authority.  Robert is more of a quiet type and will always be there for his family.

Lloyd:  Frederick’s twin.  Lloyd has unique and different powers that allows him to see Onari; or lost souls, along with golden power or magic.  Lloyd is rather mysterious and is very rare when he comes to appearances.

Mark:  Shares the same abilities as Lloyd, except instead of golden power, he has the gift of life that can bring back the dead or heal the dying.  He also has the power of balance between dark and light.  Mark is even rarer to find than Lloyd, so not much is known about him.




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