After Dark Teaser Sister Location Fanfiction

Baby’s POV

“Where am I?  This isn’t the stage…”

“Hello?  Is anyone here?”

“Bring her over.  Come on, we don’t wanna be here all night…”

“Hey, did you hear that?  Sounded like a woman’s voice…”

“Come on man, you’re imagining things…”

“I don’t know, I swear I just heard someone.”

“Dude, this place is underground!  There’s no one here…”

I waited in the darkness, hearing their voices echo throughout the whole building.  I shouldn’t have spoken, they could’ve realized that it was me.  Underground, is that what they said?  An animatronic distribution held underground…  I smiled at that.  What will Fazbear Co. think of next?  After their first idea shut down and was left to rot, I could only imagine what they would do next…  Possibly a reboot?  But, not even those animatronics would be better than I.  I am the highest model, the most sophisticated, the most intelligent…  The list goes on and on, but one thing remains-I will always be superior to those who come before and after me, no matter what.

*Full chapter will come out after character lists*


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