Why the Aquarium of the Pacific and My Camera Don’t Mix

On August 29th, I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific with my aunt and my little brother.  It was the Monday before I started high school at Fountain Valley, and I was disappointed that summer was coming to an end.  I had brought my lime-green Fuji Film camera to the aquarium with me for inspiration in photos; especailly ones of the jellyfish.  We started off on the upper floor where the moon jelly tank was.

Moon Jellies
Moon Jellies at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

I was excited to get a good photo of them because they looked indigo in the black tank.  However, I came to a quick problem- my camera picked up on the lights in front of the tank (you can see the lights in the photo to the right.)  I believe that the photo is good, but the small rectangular lights were noticabel in the photo.  There were two taks of the moon jellies so I took photos of both, trying to comapare the two for differences.

Moon Jellies at the second tank at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

As you can see, this photo turned out much better than the first one, but I liked the moon jellies in the first picture, because they were all swimming in different directions in the tank.  However, the second photo captured the moon jellies better in contrast with the light than the first photo.  The other jellyfish that I took photos of were amber, tan, orange, and various colors of the sunset. (My cover picture)  These jellyfish were a lot more active, and they moved around a lot.  So, they were a lot harder to get a photo of than the moon jellies. I tried my hardest, but my photos still came out blurry.

Sunset Jellies at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

However, I couldn’t help but like the photo.  The orange contrasts nicely with the blue background, and the jellies are in mid-motion, which seems to add a gracefulness to their captured movement.  However, the photo is still very blurry, so it isn’t my favorite that I have taken.  So, this is why the Aquarium of the Pacific and my camera don’t mix.


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